Planning a trip to Norway / Oslo?


These tips will save you time and money on your Oslo trip - guaranteed ;)


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Find cheap accomodation in Oslo

Accomodation in Oslo is in general rather expensive. If you think it's expensive to stay in a hotel or motel, you may check out alternative and cheaper alternatives for accomodation in Oslo

See also: Top 10 cheapest hotels and motels in Oslo



Find cheap accomodation other places in Norway

More than 75% of all Oslo tourists are also visting other places in Norway. On this page we've gathered some recommended places to stay in other major locations, for every taste and budget:

Stavanger  -  Bergen  -  Tromsø  - Trondheim - other places in Norway



Tips to save money on your Oslo trip

Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. Check out our tips to save time and money on your visit in Oslo. Also, check out how to explore Oslo for free (5 free tourist attractions in Oslo).




The cheapest transport options from the Oslo airports

There are many transport options and prices vary a lot, depending on your choice of transportation and wether you are a student, an adult, a senior or a family /group. Find your best transport option here.




Where to eat typical Norwegian food in Oslo

What is traditional Norwegian food? And where are the best places to eat Norwegian food in Oslo? These links gives an overview of some traditional Norwegian dishes and where to eat them in Oslo.




Free WIFI spots in Oslo

On this page we have listed places where you can find free Wifi in Oslo





Most visited tourist attractions in Oslo

What to see in Oslo? Here you will get an overview of the most visited Oslo tourist attractions, and also some tips they will not give you in the tourist office ;) 

Top 5 most visited tourist attractions in Oslo

Oslo inspiration blog - top places to see, tips from a local


Check the Oslo weather forecast

The Oslo weather varies a lot. Will you need to bring your warmest clothes or a bikini? You can check the updated Oslo weather forecast here. If you're renting one of our apartments or rooms, we provide umbrellas for you to borrow during your stay in case of rain :)




Looking for the Norwegian fjords and mountains?

There is a fjord in Oslo, the Oslo fjord. It can be idyllic, but to be honest, it's not that special. For those who are coming to see the spectacular Norwegian landscapes, we would recommend a trip to the western or northern part of Norway, where the "real" fjords and mountains are lcoated. Some examples of beautiful places to vist are Bergen, Ålesund, Stavanger or the Lofoten Islands.  




Parking in Oslo

Like in many bigger cities, parking in the city center can be difficult. Our flats and rooms are located near one of the few parking places in the city center where you can park for an unlimited time, see the parking options here. You'll also find general info on parking in Oslo and links to interactive maps of parking places in central Oslo.



Oslo at Christmas

The streets are gleaming with christmas lights and the snow is falling. Here is some more info on what's going on in Oslo in December: Christmas time in Oslo






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