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The price difference between the cheapest and most expensive transport alternative from Oslo airport Rygge can be huge. Prices may vary from season to season and whether you are a student, a senior or a family. For this reason you should always check your best option. As prices may change, we've gathered information in English on the different options below. You can also find info on cheap accomodation options near Rygge airport or in Oslo.


Accomodation near Rygge / Oslo

Many of the low cost airline companies flying from Rygge, such as Norwegian and Ryanair, have departures and arrivals at odd times. It's not uncommon to arrive or departure very early in the morning or late at night. For a more convenient travel, make sure you stay in a place near the Oslo central station (where the Rygge shuttle bus arrives) or near the Rygge airport itself at the day of arrival and departure. 

Hotels / motels near Rygge airport

Cheaper flats and rooms near Oslo and Rygge


Transport  - shuttle bus - "Rygge ekspressen"

The airport bus from Rygge corresponds with every flight and the bus takes approx 60 min from Rygge to the Oslo main station. If you go both ways, the cheapest option is a return ticket, ask for it when you enter the bus.  


Transport - NSB train

The NSB train is normally the cheapest alternative for adults, but you'll have to take a bus from the airport to the train station (included in the ticket).  The train takes approx 50 min from Rygge to the Oslo main station.



Taxi - expensive, but a more convenient option if you are more people travelling together with luggage. Prices may vary a lot from company to company, so if you consider a taxi, you should  contact different Oslo taxi companies to get the best price offer. You'll find email-adresses and contact information in English to the biggest Oslo taxi companies here.


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More about Moss Rygge airport:

Moss Airport Rygge is centrally located in southeastern Norway. With a new terminal building, infrastructure, parking area and runway, this airport is personally organized to offer a wide spectrum of national and international scheduled routes and charter traffic.