Airbnb Bergen, Norway


On our list of afforfable accommodation in Norway and specifically Bergen we must mention Airbnb Bergen. Cheaper than a hotel, way more comfortable. Airbnb has become extremely popular the recent years with thousands of users worldwide. Travelers can rent cheaper accommodation in almost every city in the world and private people with an extra flat, house or guest room can earn extra good money on renting their accommodation to tourists.

Airbnb Bergen

In Bergen and nearby villages you can find several affordable rooms,  apartments and houses for rent via Bergen Airbnb. In January 2015 we counted more than 30 apartments and rooms for rent in the city center and more are added every month.

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Most rooms and flats are fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay, such as fully equipped kitchens, reliable WIFI and comfortable living rooms.

You'll also get in touch with a local who can give you advice and tell you what to do in the neighbourhood / area.

Airbnb has a 24/7 available customer service, so you'll be in good hands in case of issues.

Alternatives to Bergen Airbnb

In addition to Airbnb Bergen there are a number of similar websites to Airbnb where you can rent affordable and comfortable accommodation from private people. Here are some other good sites to check if you are looking for budget accommodation in TBergen:

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