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At this page you'll find links to a wide range of Norway cottages, huts and cabins for rent, for every taste and buget. You'll also find houses and villas for rent all over Norway. You can search by place, number of rooms or price range and specify what amenities you need to find the perfect cottage for your vacations. If price is important to you, pick the properties with a price guarantee.

Norway cottages for rent

Norway cottages, holiday houses and cabins in the mountain, by the sea and by the fjords, all over Norway. You can search by place or by number of rooms or price range. Recommended site.

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Norway cabins - the largest provider of cottages and cabins for rent in Norway

Stavanger and Rogaland cottages, huts, houses and cabins

Here, you'll find a high number of cottages, huts and cabins in Stavanger, Sandnes, Rogaland and sorrounding areas. Perfect for fjord trips, fishing holidays and hiking.

Bergen cottages, huts and cabins

Holiday cottages and huts in Bergen and the sorrounding areas for rent for shorter and longer periods. Bergen is sorrounded by fjords and mountains, perfect for skiing, hiking, fishing and rafting. At this site you'll also find holiday houses for rent, both in the city and on the countryside.





Northern Norway cabins, huts and sea houses

Northern Norway cabins, huts and summer houses near Tromsø, Bodø, Lofoten and Narvik. At this site you can contact a large number of property owners and find the best deals, search here.

Search your cabin in Northern Norway here





Tips if you're planning to rent a cottage or cabins in Norway:

1) Not all places in Norway have frequent public transport options, for this reason you should always check the transport option before you arrive. Aske the person or company you're renting from, they'll surely help. If you arrive by car, ask if there are roads in good conditions and if they are open (some roads may be closed during the winter season).

2) Ask if you need to bring sheets or towels to the cabin, or if this is included in the rent.

3) Respect the sorrunding areas. Fishing and hunting is not always allowed. Again, ask the people you're renting from or the local tourist information.

4) Check the weather forecast. Especially during the winter season, check if all roads are open and the conditions in the area you're renting in.