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Find the cheapest way to go from Oslo airport Gardermoen to the Oslo city centre 

The price difference between the cheapest and most expensive transport alternative from Oslo airport Gardermoen can be huge. Prices may vary from season to season and whether you are a student, a senior or a family. For this reason you should always check your best option. As prices may change, we've gathered information in English on the different options here. We've also gathered info on accomodation options near Gardermoen airport and Oslo.

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Accomodation near Oslo Airport Gardermoen - Shows all hotels and motels near Oslo airport Gardermoen. Price guarantee.   


Accomodation in Oslo city centre and sorrounding areas

See our guide to accomodation in Oslo here. You may also check out Hotelscombined, the hotel search engine with price guarantee on apartments, rooms and holiday rentals.


Transport - The speed train (Flytoget) 

The fastest and most frequent option, but is quite expensive. However, there are good discounts for students and seniors. The train takes about 20 min from Gardermoen airport to the main station in Oslo.


Regular train (NSB)  

Normally the cheapest alternative for adults. The NSB train takes approx 35-40 min. There is no need to book tickets in advance, there are ticket automats on the airport (however, must not be confused with the automats for the speed train).


Transport - The airport shuttle Bus 

The bus takes approx 35-40 min from Gardermoen Airport to the city centre of Oslo. The bus also stops several places on its way to the city centre. The last stop is the main bus termina, in Oslo. 



Expensive, but a more convenient option if you are more people travelling together with luggage. Prices may vary a lot from company to company, so if you consider a taxi, you should  contact different Oslo taxi companies to get the best price offer. You'll find email-adresses and contact information in English to the biggest Oslo taxi companies here


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More about Oslo airport Gardermoen:

Gardermoen Airport (Airport Code: OSL) is the main international airport of Norway. A hub airport for SAS Scandinavian Airlines, the airport also is serviced by 27 other airlines, from Aeroflot to Widerøe.

To get to Oslo from Gardermoen Airport, you can use the train station co-located with the airport. You have the choice between the "Flytoget," a frequent, fast (about 25 minutes), and expensive train not covered by railpasses; or the NSB Federal Railways train, a less frequent, slower (about 40 minutes), and less expensive train covered by Eurail and Scanrail. Further complicating matters is that the two trains have separate ticket counters, and even separate monitors.

In addition to the trains, an Airport Bus departs every 15 minutes for Oslo, with a travel time of 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on traffic. Taxis are a possibility, but quite an expensive one (NOK 600 and up).

One final note: Gardermoen Airport is not to be confused with Sandefjord/Torp Airport (Airport Code: TRP). The latter airport is a significant distance from Gardermoen; making a transfer between the two airports is time-consuming and not recommended