Oslo on a budget

Top 10 cheapest hotels and motels in Oslo

On this page we have gathered links to some of the cheapest hotels and motels in Oslo. These budget hotels and hostels are all centrall located in Oslo. We have also gathered some links to some alternative accomodation alternatives, such as renting directly from private people.

Keep in mind that renting an apartment often can be much cheaper than renting a hotel hotel room, especially if you're a group.

For apartments and other types of rooms for rent on shorter or longer basis, click here


Flats / rooms for rent in Oslo

Renting a flat can often be a much cheaper alternative than then staying in a hotel, especially if you are more people traveling together. Here are some websites where you can rent flats in Oslo, often directly from private people. At the sites below you can also find a wide range of cheaper rooms and you can even rent boats, huts and houses


Budget hotels / motels in Oslo

Anker Hotel

Perminalen hotel

Hotel / hostel Haraldsheim 

P hotels Oslo


Sentrum Pensjonat, Oslo

Anker Hostel Oslo 

Cochs pensjonat